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:: News 2018::

May 14 '18 My new instructional dvd for TrueFire called 'Creative Lick Phrasing' is out now! You can get it here.
May 07 '18 My new instructional dvd for TrueFire called 'Creative Lick Phrasing' is now available for preorder and you can watch the new introduction promo and view more details here.
March 24 '18 There's a cool article in this month's Music Maker Magazine on recording my new cd 'One Voice' and 'how to do it all by yourself'. You can read it here, here and here.
March 01 '18 My new cd 'One Voice' has been released worldwide today through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and all the other major streaming sites. Enjoy the music!
Feb 26 '18 I’m voted #1 fusion guitarist by the readers of Gitarist Magazine! I’m also a newcomer in the category ‘Best overall Guitarist Benelux’ ranking up to #7! THANK YOU so much for voting for me! You can read here and here, here and here.
Feb 11 '18 Thanks everybody out there so much for supporting my new cd 'One Voice' making my most personal cd ever also my best selling cd so far! There an interview with me in Italian Axe Magazine here, I'm on the cover of Polish Gitarzysta here with a 7-page interview and a 3-page lesson, my home studio will be featured in Music Maker Magazine coming month and I will be live on Jazzmeeting Radio coming wednesday! Click here to listen live or listen back in case you've missed it. Thanks again for the support and watch out for my new TrueFire instructional DVD 'Creative Lick Phrasing' coming Q2 2018.
Nov 25 '17 My new cd 'One Voice' is ready for for preorder and a december release. There's different packages with a transcription book, Fractal Audio presets, Music Minus-1 and more available. You can check out the different preorder options here.
Sept 30 '17 I'm mixing guitar solos for my new cd and you can listen to some of that here. Watch out for a release end 2017!
Sept 14 '17 Uploaded a new track for my new trio cd called 'Hemispheres' and you can watch it here. CD will be out end 2017!
Aug 05 '17 Feel like getting creative this summer? Complete your collection? To celebrate summer, there's a sale for my two TrueFire instructional dvd's 'Scale Creativity' and 'Chord Creativity' - order one (just 29,95 euros) and get one free! Offer valid while supplies last! Get it here.
Aug 03 '17 Uploaded a video for a new track for my new trio cd called 'Eurotop' and you can check it out here.
July 12 '17 New *Richard Hallebeek Signature Picks* are in! Summer colors are 'Blazing Blue' and 'Marble White' and you can get them right here.
June 01 '17 I'm joining keyboardplayer Jeroen van Helsdingen for his upcoming gigs. Make sure to check us out at Swinging Groningen festival, open air, june 17th! Watch the info and listen to some new music here.
May 01 '17 I've recorded a new song with Niels Voskuil (drums) and Frans Vollink (bass). The song is called ‘SOL51’ and it’s dedicated in loving memory of the best guitarplayer ever - Allan Holdsworth (1946-2017)
Thank you Allan for a lifetime of inspiration! The whole track will be included on my new cd that should be out later 2017
and you can watch the video here.
Feb 19 '17 If you're around Europe and want to order my new instructional dvd for TrueFire called 'Chord Creativity' you can now also  get it from this website right here.
Feb 07 '17 My 2nd instructional dvd for TrueFire called 'Chord Creativity' is out now and you can order it from the TrueFire site here. You can also watch the introduction here.
Jan 4 '17 Q1 2017 will see the release of my 2nd instructional dvd for TrueFire called 'Chord Creativity'. You can watch and listen to what's coming here.
Jan 2 '17 I recorded a track together with guitarists Rune Berre and Leonardo Guzman with Frans Vollink on bass and Niels Voskuil on drums. The track is the jazz standard 'There Will Never Be Another You' in a contemporary arrangement from Rune Berre. You can check it out here.
Dec 24 '16 I whish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year and you can watch and listen to my message to you here.
Oct 27 '16 I’m playing on the new cd called ‘Breathe’ from blues-rock master Jose de Castro. Also featured on this cd is Guthrie Govan. The cd came out today, you can listen and get it here.
Oct 23 '16 My trusty HOOK Captain 34 amp (that I have been playing live since 2008) was shipped to California, USA a couple of months ago and has been modeled by Fractal Audio. if you were curious about my guitar sound - the three channels of my amp are now available in 6 new Axe Fx models through their newest firmware update. Get the update  here and you can download one of my lead presets here.
Oct 09 '16 Added a video performing a track called 'Nocturne' at the Steve Vai European Guitar Awards, july 19 and you can watch it here.
Sept 20 '16 Added a video of a new song for my new cd that should be out end 2016. The cd is a trio cd and features Frans Vollink on bass and Niels Voskuil on drums. The song is called 'Good To Go' and you can watch it here.
Aug 28 '16 Hungry for some good guitar fusion? Want to complete your collection? For a limited time only and in a limited quantity available: RHP PACK - 3 cd’s with transcription book (with RHPII covers signed by the band) For only 29,95 euros you’ll get the following cd's: Mark Varney's Generator (1995), RHP (2005) and RHPII (2013). RHPII covers are signed by the band and you'll also get a booklet with transcriptions from Rich himself with solos from RHPII, a lesson on the diminshed scale from Lalle Larsson and complete charts for three songs. Click here to order.
Aug 28 '16 Added another video from my new cd, this track is called 'Crashing Apps' and you can watch it here.
Aug 22 '16 Added a video of a new song for my new cd that should be out end 2016. The cd is a trio cd and features Frans Vollink on bass and Niels Voskuil on drums. The song is called '(About) Forever And A Half' and you can watch it here.
Aug 10 '16 New Richard Hallebeek Signature Picks are just in and they're now available in delicious new colors: Marble White, Dragon Breath (purple) and the classic Blazing Blue. *SUMMER OFFER* with every pick order, you'll get a FREE cd of your choice! Tor order click at the bottom of the 'Picks' page here.
June 10 '16 My TonePrint for TC Electronic Flashback Delay is out and you can download it here , and watch a video how we came up with the TonePrint here.
June 9 '16 Richard Hallebeek Project, Steve Vai & Band, Adrian Vandenberg, Jan Akkerman, George Kooymans (Golden Earring), Danny Lademacher (Herman Brood) Live @ Sena European Guitar Award july 9th, 2016, Gebouw T, Bergen Op Zoom. The event is SOLD OUT! Info here.
May 30 '16 I'm playing a guest solo on the new cd from Spanish blues master Jose De Castro. The cd also features Guthrie Govan and you can check out some music here.
Mar 20 '16 There's a interview with me in this month's issue of Guitar Club Magazine (Italy) and you can read a preview here.
Mar 07 '16 Feel like checking out some new music? There's 3 new albums I'm playing on for you to check out, including lots of new soundclips, under the 'CD' tab. Also, TrueFire's 'Scale Creativity' DVD is now available and it's all right here.
Feb 08 '16 I'm recording a new album with drummer Niels Voskuil and you can check out a promo video here.
Dec 10 '15 If you are in Europe, and want to order my instructional dvd for TrueFire straight from me and get it fast with low shipping costs (also - let me know if you want it signed) you can get it right here.
Nov 24 '15 My instructional dvd for TrueFire called ‘Scale Creativity’ is out NOW and you can order from their site here.
Nov 08 '15 Added a video from my special guest appearance at ZPZ with Dweezil Zappa two weeks ago at a sold out Melkweg, Amsterdam. You can watch it here.
Oct 30 '15 Richard Hallebeek *SIGNATURE PICKS* are now available! A pick is one of the most important links in getting that big elusive tone and I think this pick sounds amazing! All picks are handtested by me and you will receive a hand numbered certificate. You can get them right here.
Oct 24 '15 I'm playing tonight as a special guest for the ZPZ tour in Amsterdam with Dweezil Zappa. De Melkweg is SOLD OUT!
Sept 12 '15 There's an article about 'Richard Hallebeek style playing' in thins month's issue of UK magazine Guitar Techniques. A very thorough lesson written by Shaun Baxter. You can preview a couple of pages here and here and you can order the magazine here.
I was chosen 'guitarmaster of the month' in August for Gitaarschool Nederland and we did an interview that you can read here (Dutch).
July 10 '15 Uploaded a new video to YouTube showing some of the creative process in the studio that went into recording my instructional dvd 'Scale Creativity' for TrueFire. You can watch it here. Also uploaded a video from Sebastiaan Cornelissen's new solo album called 'Snippets' here.
July 03 '15 ...now an official TC Electronic endorser! I'm happy and proud to be on board of a company that has been designing FX for over 30 years. I'm using their pedals and watch out for a Tone Print coming from me later this year.
June 11 '15 I'm preparing the last couple of lines for my instructional dvd for TrueFire, that will be called 'Scale Creativity. You can watch some of that on YouTube here.
May 08 '15 I'm working on a new cd with drummer Niels Voskuil and you can check out some of the new songs I'm recording for that here. Also, I will start shooting my first instructional dvd ever next month! It will be called 'Scale Creativity' and we're shooting in the studio for TrueFire june 27/28/29th 2015. I will keep you posted!
Apr 06 '15 I'm now an official ROOT pedal endorser! Check out my new Vintage Drive at www.rooteffects.com here.
Apr 05 '15 I'm excited to be invited as the soloist for the 2015 edition of the Plug 'n Play Creation Orchestra, conductor Wiek Hijmans. Previous soloists were Adrian Belew and Anton Goudsmit, a.o. The orchestra creates an improvised composition, taking cues from the soloist and the conductor. Come check us out! April 18th, Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1, Amsterdam. More info: www.guitarmatrix.nl. I'm performing live at the SENA Guitar Awards with a solo clinic/workshop that same day and I will also be in the jury for the SENA Guitar Awards.
Mar 02 '15 Two new videos added: full video for a track from a Sonic video game with performances from Peter Fernandes, Shane Gaalaas and Ric Fierabracci with Brett Garsed for a guitar solo. You can also download the FREE single with an alternate take from Brett from Soundcloud here. Also added a video compilation from Richard Hallebeek Project Live - Blue Note, Amsterdam that you can watch here.
Jan 30 '15 I'm working on my first-ever instructional dvd for Truefire, it will be called 'Scale Creativity' and will be out 2015. Curious? We did a loose camera try out filming a lesson and you can watch it here. Also finished an exciting project with Peter Fernandes, Shane Gaalaas and Ric Fierabracci recording music from a Sonic video game. There is a very special guest on that track that's revealed in the video here.
Jan 09 '15 Writing new songs for a trio cd and uploaded a video of a new track I'm working on called 'One Voice', you can watch it here.
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