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:: One Voice ::

* One Voice physical cd in clear standard size hard-plastic box with full color cover and inlay. Personally signed by Richard Hallebeek, Frans Vollink (bass) and Niels Voskuil (drums).
€ 14,99

* This cd was recorded using only the Fractal Audio Axe Fx II 100% for all guitar sounds. You can now get all the clean, crunch, synth-like and lead sounds
used on this cd, with effects added, conveniently stored in 8 different folders for every song. Every song has a word file added, clearly explaining how to use the sounds, PLUS containing tips on mixing your guitar solos with stereo delays, panning, using plugins, how to set your guitar volume and tone,using external pedals, and much more. Pictures here and here.
€ 29,99