Richard Hallebeek Project – Live DVD (2022) Digital Download

Format : Digital Download

This is the digital download of the live dvd ‘RHP – Live in Zoetermeer’ and it features all the tracks from the previously released live dvd. Find it on Gumroad by clicking the ‘buy’ button below.

Richard Hallebeek – Guitars
Jeroen van Helsdingen – Keys
Lorenzo Feliciati – Bass
Niels Voskuil – Drums

1 Dreaming GL
2 Eurotop
3 (About) Forever And A Half
4 Cruisin’ California
5 One Voice
6 Prayer To The Sun
7 New World
8 Responsive Improvisation
9 Nocturne
10 Start Of A Symphony
11 Your Truth
12 Friday At Last!