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When Rich met up with his good friend drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen summer 2002 to record the track ‘Seasons’ for the collection album ‘The Alchemists’, they were done early and left with some time off to sit down and chat for a while.

‘Rich, isn’t it time to do it your way, all the way?’ Those words were quite true. Richard had released the cd ‘Generator’ in 1995 on Mark Varney’s Legato label during a study at GIT and an extended stay afterwards in Los Angeles. After doing lots of side man gigs in the ‘90s,  two tours in Finland, playing musicals, doing cover bands and countless studi
o gigs, it was indeed time to release something more personal.

Richard started off by putting a band together with his good friend Sebastiaan Cornelissen on drums and Udo Pannekeet on bass. During his study at GIT Rich had heard otherwordly cassette tapes from a Swedish keyboardplayer named Lalle Larsson. Back in Holland, thanks to the internet and budget air flight tickets, Rich and Lalle met up and soon started working on different recordings together, such as the track ‘Seasons’ from 'The Alchemists' guitar collection album and on new tracks for a now called 'Richard Hallebeek Project' album. To add some icing on the cake, Rich invited a couple of his musical friends and personal heroes: Shawn Lane, whom Rich had been in touch with while he stayed in The Hague for extensive periods of time, heard the tracks, enjoyed the songs and joined in, and also Brett Garsed participated, each providing four solos to the fusion project.
Matt Williams, founder of Liquid Note Records gave the band the green light to go ahead and play the music they loved without holding back.. full blown fusion, guitar synths, odd meters, long melodies, trading solos...Matt was into it!

In 2004, the Richard Hallebeek Project (RHP) was released. It was an artistic as wel as quite a commercial succes.  The album was a best-seller on the well-known guitar 9 website while other guitar related sites gave the cd a top rating, mentioning the solid songwriting, an outstanding band, over the top guitar playing and calling Richard a new voice to be reckoned with.

Fast forward to 2011. Richard has played on the series of 'One Spirit' cd's, Lalle Larsson’s 'Weaveworld' trilogy, played in commercial vocal groups and on various guitar compilation albums...and felt it’s about time again.. to do it his way..from start to finish..all the way. Plans originally start for a solo cd, but why not a new Richard Hallebeek Project?

Getting a positive energy boost from playing at various guitarfestivals throughout Europe and, from the enthusiastic audience, experiencing that instrumental guitar music is very much alive; a plan slowly starts to take shape in Richard’s head and evolves in his studio 'Richie's Lab';RHP the sequel -part II. A more hard hitting fusion/rock cd, this time with more special guests, a guitarparty with lots of great guitarists with varied backgrounds..trying to maintain solid songwriting...keeping a real band feel throughout to make it a cohesive whole...

At the end of 2010, writing begins and in 2011 different recording sessions take place at various studios to complete the task of recording the 10 songs that have emerged from all the band members for this project, all written with a series of 8 special guests in mind.

At the start of 2012, the special guests that the songs were composed for are approached and, all enthusiastic to track along, soloparts to record are scheduled and files are sent back and forth through the internet.

RHP is back! Only this time it’s bigger, better, louder and goes even higher!

RHPII has 8 guestplayers, a backing band throughout the cd consisting of Sebastiaan Cornelissen on drums, Frans Vollink on Bass and Lalle Larsson on keys. The co-writing from each of the players and the interactive, mostly live, band recordings make it a solid band effort with strong song material and enough over the top guitar playing to satisfy the biggest guitar heads.
On this mini site, all the 8 special guests will be introduced the coming period, including audio, video and podcasts. It is possible to already pre order the cd by clicking the tab above - receive lots of great extras!


RHPII is planned for a release in the last quarter of 2012 and will be released on Richard Hallebeek’s new label Richie Rich Music.


Richard Hallebeek has been playing guitar for over 32 years and has recorded and/or played with Shawn Lane, Scott Henderson, Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale, Scott Kinsey, Dan Gilbert, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, Carl Verheyen, Michael Angelo Batio, Randy Brecker, Marco Minnemann, Steve Hunt and many more. Richard was admitted already at age 17 at the Hilversum Conservatory where he graduated with a master's degree after a 6-year study of jazz, composition and improvisation. After graduating, he studied at GIT in Los Angeles, quickly gains attention and within 6 months, releases the album 'Generator' on Mark Varney's Legato label in '95 that becomes quite the fusion classic, with players like Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale and Carl Verheyen. in the '90's and start of 2000, Richard releases albums with drummer Rene Engel, plays on guitar compilation albums The Alchemists I and II and signs with the new Liquid Note Records label in 2004 to release the critically acclaimed Richard Hallebeek Project with guests stars Shawn Lane and Brett Garsed. Richard writes and records most of the 'One Spirit' albums and records the 'Weaveworld' trilogy with Lalle Larsson. Recently Richard has played bigger guitar festivals in Europe; he headlined the the 'Meeting Of The Spirits' guitarfest with Greg Howe and Carl Verheyen in 2010 in Leeuwarden and the Sicilian ESC 2011 with Allan Holdsworth and Kiko Loureiro.
Frans Vollink studied at several music academies. After graduating (teaching degree in 1996, masters degree in 1998), he played with some of the finest musicians around like Lalle Larsson, Gary Husband, Eef Albers, Gerard Presencer, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Rob van Bavel, Nigel Hitchcock, Wayne Johnson, Guthrie Govan, Jose de Castro, Carl Verheijen, Greg Howe, and many others. He initiated the succesful 'One Spirit' series and played on Sebastiaan Cornlissen's 'On Impulse' with Jim Beard, Randy brecker, Gary Husband, Evan Marian and Nigel Hitchcock. In addition to his work as a freelance bassplayer and teacher he keeps busy at work at the recording studio’s 'Het Atelier' in Weiteveen and 'Info Music Studio' in Emmen as an engineer and producer. As an arranger and trancriber Frans has done several productions, including an award winning bigband arrangement for Jaco Pastorius’ 'Domingo'. Furthermore he can be found teaching motivated bass students at 'Info Music' Emmen and “Bassgallery 'Beilen' and keeps on writing great melodies and harmonies for different projects.
Lalle Larsson Swedish pianist/composer Lalle Larsson’s music has been described as beautiful, virtuostic and a bit melancholic. He has mixed a timeless jazz sound with modern classical composition, musical experimentalism, heartfelt romanticism and a fiery energy that hints at his teenage love of heavy metal. His unique playing style has made some of his recordings cult collectors’ items the world over. Lalle Larsson’s CDs include several recordings for Liquid Note Records, jazz-rock CDs Ominox, Richard Hallebeek Project with the late guitar legend Shawn Lane, and Electrocution 250, electric cartoon music with Todd Duane and Peter Wildoer.In 2001 Larsson received the Helsingborg culture award, a diploma from the city, plus 25.000 swedish kronor. The following year he premiered the groundbreaking Seven Deadly Pieces at the Henry Dunker Culture Center in Helsingborg, Sweden. In 2005 Lalle co-wrote and recorded TimeLine together with Bas Cornelissen, a trio release on Munich Records with bassist Gary Willis. After being an underground figure in the music scene for many years his unique and technical playing style finally reached a wider audience when he joined the progressive rock groups Agent Of Mercy and Karmakanic. From 2009 and on he has released the Weaveworld trilogy.
Sebastiaan Cornelissen studied at The Conservatory of Amsterdam where he formed the group Isotope, along with pianist Rob van Bavel.They have since released 2 albums: 'Isotope' and 'Perceptionof the Beholder'. His debut solo album 'Aggressive Attack' was released in 2002 on Munich Records. From 2003 til 2007 Sebastiaan worked and lived in London as
an 'in demand' live and session artist. He has been teaching at The Royal Academy of Music, Westminster University and Goldsmith's university in London. His release 'Uturn' (abstractlogix.com) featured some of the most important musicians in modern jazz such as Gary Husband(Allan Holdsworth, Level 42, John Mclaughlin), Randy Brecker, Gerard Presencer (Jamiroquay, Herbie Hancock), Gary Willis(Tribal Tech) and many others. Hi latest release 'On impulse' (2011) features Nigel Hitchcock - sax Randy Brecker - trumpet Francesco Cottone - vocals Mike Outram - guitar Steve Hunt and Jim Beard. Besides a wicked sense of humor and an interesteing side-career in doing voice-overs, he keeps busy teaching both at Tune Up in Haarlem and in his 'Mankini' studio.


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