RHP Live DVD now available for preorder!

You can now preorder my new live dvd Richard Hallebeek Project – Live In Zoetermeer!

This dvd features high res dvd audio, recorded at 96Khz, 24 bits.
The live concert is captured by 24 different camera’s.

Order here

The preorder pack consists of:
* Richard Hallebeek Project Live In Zoetermeer dvd (physical dvd in a box);
* Dvd box signed by the whole band;
* 12 tracks, interview with Richard and a guitar lesson included on the dvd;
* Richard Hallebeek Custom Chicken Pick;
* A transcription of the first solo on the dvd ‘Dreaming GL’ (5 pages, Guitar Pro and PDF);
* Download coupon for a discount at the TrueFire store on Richard Hallebeek instructional material: ‘Scale Creativity Guidebook’, ‘Chord Creativity Guidebook’ and ‘Creative Lick Phrasing’;
* You’ll receive this package one month before the initial release of the dvd (summer 2022)
* A greeting card with a personal note from Rich, thanking you for your support in making this release possible!
* Our eternal gratefulness to you, the listener for supporting and listening to the music.