Our new cd BUMERANG is now available for preorder! The cd has been a couple of years in the making and It has been an interesting collaboration with bassist Lorenzo Feliciati who gives this band a four wheel drive with his 5 string headless low-end. I’ve been playing and recording with drummer Niels Voskuil for a couple of years now and he is a real animal on de drumkit but also a great composer and producer. We co-composed all tracks together, some live in the studio and some ideas were bounced back and forth through the internet. Which is a different way of working then I am normally used to, but it took me out of my safety zone for sure. There are also a couple of new sound clips on the website and there is a chicken picks deal available. The digital download for this cd will be later, around 2021. Thanks all for you support as always in getting the music out there! ???www.richardhallebeek.com/release/bumerang/