New Track with Lorenzo Feliciati (bass) & Gergo Borlai (drums)

I recorded a track called ‘Morning Wow’ for Lorenzo Feliciati’s upcoming cd ’Second Rumble’ with Gergo Borlai on drums. Very nice power trio to record with!  It’s the first single from Lorenzo’s upcoming cd called ‘Second Rumble’.

I used my RH-1  signature custom guitar through a Hook Wizard head > IR out loaded with Scott Henderson Kerry Wright cabs. Setting: stereo mike setup YA KW 412 SH 57-1 (darkest) > recording XLR out into Logic Pro X 10.8.

The brilliant Soundtoys plugin pack provided some of the atmosphere throughout the song.
This track will also be available on streaming services soon!

Mixed and mastered by Richard Hallebeek.
Drums mixed by Niels Voskuil.

Info about my custom series guitar used in this video:

Scott Henderson Music York Audio IR pack: