Over the past year, I have been working closely together with Dutch custom guitar builder Haar Guitars on a Richard Hallebeek signature model. After a lot of finetuning and prototype testing, we’re approaching the last phase and starting production on a limited edition custom run of Richard Hallebeek RH-1 signature guitars end of 2020!

This guitar has all the specs I have accumulated over the past 41 years of playing that suit my style of playing and sound and I think work great for everybody in this style of music.  I can’t wait to get the guitar out there and in your hands, so you know what I’m talking about! We ship worldwide – detailed specs and pics coming soon!



4 thoughts on “RH1 custom series signature guitars coming up – 2021!

  1. wayne e frost 3 years ago

    Really interested in purchasing your signature model A man what a player you are astounding like you and Alan are from the same town you’re not a clone you have the spirit that is that style

    1. Richard 3 years ago

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your message, there are a bunch of new guitars coming in over the coming weeks. In different colors.

      I’ll put up some messages on Facebook and my website once they arrive.
      Let me know where you are located and if you are still interested at that time, I think the price is really great!

      The last guitars were gone in 3 days, so I hope I can hold one to these babies a bit longer this time 😉

      Have a good weekend!


  2. Wayne Frost 3 years ago

    Hi Richard Wayne Frost here. Hope you’re doing well strange times we’re going through but with me and I’m sure with you, our music gets us through it any news on the guitars