Performing live – BRIDGE Festival Eindhoven

Very excited for next month – I’m playing the BRIDGE festival @muziekgebouw Eindhoven twice (May 11th and 13th 2023) which is probably the biggest guitar event in Europe!
I’m featured on the ‘Heroes’ evening with Martijn van Iterson and Reinier Baas.

My band is a bit different for this occasion:
Martijn Vink – drums (Metropool Orchestra)
Clemens van der Feen – bass (Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra)
Matthijs Geerts – keys

You can get your tickets for the ‘heroes’ evening here.

I’ll also perform there May 13th, doing a workshop at the guitar convention where I’ll discuss technique and setup.
You can get your tickets for the guitar convention here.

The 5-day festival also features:
* Steve Vai + orchestra (directed by Jukka Lisakkila)
* Jan Akkerman
* Stochelo Rosenberg
* Jett Rebel
* Tommy Emmanuel
* Leendert Haaksma (Anouk)
* Menno Gootjes (Focus)
* Vedran Mircetic (De Staat)
* Corrosion Of Conformity
* The Flower Kings
And many more…

Fun fact: I was asked to record the trailer for this event and played a couple of all-time favorite riffs. Can you name them all?

Performing on national tv at ‘Matthijs Gaat Door’

I had a blast last weekend performing an ode to Chuck Berry playing ‘Johnny B. Goode’ on national tv at a show called ‘Matthijs Gaat Door’. Trading solos with Menno Gootjes, Jêrome Hol and Sonia Anubis, all within the steady groove of the Sven Hammond Big Band.

Also special thanks to an exceptional production team and technical team who are among the best and make you feel right at home and focus on the music.

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”

Live dvd is out!

The ‘RHP live’ dvd came in and it looks really awesome! It’s great to listen to the high res dvd audio together with the video.

The preorder packages are all sent out this weekend and depending on your country, you will receive the goods already this weekend or sometime coming week. You will also receive a mail with discount codes and links to interviews and lessons.

The music from this dvd will also be available on all streaming media soon.
Thanks pre-orderers for your support and making this one happen! I owe you one!

RHP Live DVD now available for preorder!

You can now preorder my new live dvd Richard Hallebeek Project – Live In Zoetermeer!

This dvd features high res dvd audio, recorded at 96Khz, 24 bits.
The live concert is captured by 24 different camera’s.

Order here

The preorder pack consists of:
* Richard Hallebeek Project Live In Zoetermeer dvd (physical dvd in a box);
* Dvd box signed by the whole band;
* 12 tracks, interview with Richard and a guitar lesson included on the dvd;
* Richard Hallebeek Custom Chicken Pick;
* A transcription of the first solo on the dvd ‘Dreaming GL’ (5 pages, Guitar Pro and PDF);
* Download coupon for a discount at the TrueFire store on Richard Hallebeek instructional material: ‘Scale Creativity Guidebook’, ‘Chord Creativity Guidebook’ and ‘Creative Lick Phrasing’;
* You’ll receive this package one month before the initial release of the dvd (summer 2022)
* A greeting card with a personal note from Rich, thanking you for your support in making this release possible!
* Our eternal gratefulness to you, the listener for supporting and listening to the music.


Live with Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale

The gig we did a couple of weeks ago, march 12, 2022, with Richard Hallebeek Project together with Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale was a huge succes. The venue was sold out! It was great fun meeting Scott and Frank again after many years. You can watch some pictures of the event here:

I’m currently mixing a dvd of us playing the same venue a couple of months earlier. I’m back in the studio mixing and editing and will start preorder for the new dvd soon. It will also feature high quality dvd audio, so worth the wait!


Gitarist Poll Award winner – 5th year in a row!

I was voted #1 jazz/fusion Gitarist in the 2022 Gitarist Magazine poll – for the fifth year in a row! Trying to catch my breath and beyond thankful to all good people out there who took the time to vote for me! Sending much love and thankfullness your way and hope to see you soon in a couple of weeks, live on stage with Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale @Cultuurpodium Boerderij 🎵🎶🎹
* Richard Hallebeek Project
* Frank Gambale All Star Band
* Scott Henderson Trio

Recording solos for Metric System

I’ve recorded a couple of solos for a band called ‘Metric System’ and they had some really cool songs and changes for me to play over!
This song is called ’TYO’ an their cd ‘Perception Ain’t Reality’ will be released Q2 2022.
Watch the video:
I play my signature series RH-1 guitar here with custom wound Andreas Kloppmann ‘violin fusion’ pickups that will be available soon.
Fractal Audio presets pack – preset A1 – Hook Lead 😉 designed by Thibault de Robillard. 👇
TC electronic delay toneprint by RH:
RH Logo design by Greg Lynn:

Nominated in two categories in Guitarist Magazine – vote here!

Last year I was chosen best jazz/fusion guitarist 2021 for the 4th year in a row by the kind readers of Gitarist Magazine! And they got me on the cover 🙏
This year I am nominated again in two different categories; ‘best jazz/fusion’ and ‘best overall guitarist’. If you like some of what I do, please vote for me at the link below and get me in the hall of fame – 5 years in a row means a lifetime achievement award 💫 Thank you and I owe you a #hallebeer

Voted *GUITARIST OF THE YEAR* by Guitarist Magazine – thank you!

I’m voted **GUITARIST OF THE YEAR**  by readers of Gitarist Magazine! Voted #1 in 2017-2018-2019-2020 and now guitarist of the year! Wow, what an honor! It’s also quite amazing that I’m sharing the honors with Slash – and Foo Fighters are on the cover of the magazine! Thank you for voting for me and I owe you a #hallebeer!

(1) Richard Hallebeek
(3) Anton Goudsmit
(2) Age Kat
(4) Eef Albers
(6) Philip Catherine
(-) Reinier Baas
(8) Jerôme Hol
(7) Corrie van Binsbergen
(-) Rory Ronde
(9) Peter Tiehuis

Readers of have voted in the elections for the Gitarist Poll Awards 2020! In the article below you will find the Top 10 in the category of Jazz / fusion guitarist Benelux, with Richard Hallebeek at number 1! The Guitarist Poll Awards are the measure of what is “in” at the moment when it comes to guitar playing and guitar products. The voting form was downloaded more then 11,000 times.