Fractal Audio Preset Pack released!

I’ve designed a Fractal Audio Presets Pack featuring 168 different scenes, divided over 21 presets in collaboration with Thibault de Robillard (aka ‘Fremen’). The pack contains 21 preset with 8 different scenes each. Bursting with effects, alternate cab choices, Richard’s very own modeled HOOK Captain head with his personal settings and multiple delay choices. Presets inspired by the classic UD stomp settings are also included, as well as  presets with no amp modeling, that can  be used in the loop of a head or preamp when you are playing live with an amp. Also, 4CM (4 cable method) presets are included!

This package comes with a detailed full color booklet with text and photos, explaining every different scene and how the sound was designed.

All sounds are actual live and studio sounds that are used by Richard Hallebeek and can be used right out of the box and will surely inspire your playing and compositions!

Get it here: